[323F-6] Records. The corporation shall be subject to the requirements of chapter 92F, except that the following categories of government records shall not be required to be disclosed:

(1) Applications for credentials or staff privileges at any of the corporation's medical facilities, records from peer review proceedings, and medical records; and

(2) Marketing strategies, strategic plans, evaluations, assessments, negotiations, or rates and charges, the disclosure of which would raise the cost of procurement or give a manifestly unfair advantage to any competitor or to any person or entity seeking to do business or proposing to enter into an agreement with the corporation or any of its facilities.

Any person denied access to any such government records shall have available the remedies specified in sections 92F-15 and 92F-15.5. Government records protected from disclosure by this section shall be subject to the interagency disclosure provisions of section 92F-19. Section 624-25.5 shall apply to this part notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this section. [L 1996, c 262, pt of 2]

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