Part I.  Nomination; Determination of Candidates


     12-1 Application of chapter

   12-1.5 Repealed

     12-2 Primary held when; candidates only those nominated

   12-2.5 Nomination papers; when available

     12-3 Nomination paper; format; limitations

     12-4 Nomination papers; qualifications of signers

     12-5 Nomination papers:  number of signers

     12-6 Nomination papers:  time for filing; fees

     12-7 Filing of oath

     12-8 Nomination papers; challenge; evidentiary hearings

          and decisions

     12-9 List of candidates


        Part II.  Ballots

    12-21 Official party ballots

   12-22, 23 Repealed


        Part III.  Ballot Selection

    12-31 Selection of party ballot; voting


        Part IV.  Election Results

    12-41 Result of election

    12-42 Unopposed candidates declared elected


Attorney General Opinions


  County charter providing for nonpartisan election of prosecutor does not conflict with this chapter.  Att. Gen. Op. 85-7.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Burdick v. Takushi:  Yes to Equal Voice in Voting, No to a Fundamental Right to Vote for Any Particular Candidate.  14 UH L. Rev. 715.


Case Notes


  State's prohibition on write-in voting as part of electoral scheme providing constitutionally sufficient ballot access, does not impose unconstitutional burden on voters' rights under First and Fourteenth Amendments.  504 U.S. 428.


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