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HB2760 HD2 SD2     
Report Title: Mobile Electronic Devices; Complete Streets; Bicycle Path; Mopeds
Description: Prohibits use of mobile electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle or commercial motor vehicle. Clarifies complete streets statute to reference DOT budget requests for highway design to include complete streets policy. Authorizes DOT to engineer highways maximize safety for pedestrians while crossing streets. Allows DOT to install roundabouts. Authorizes DOT to select eight projects to include roundabouts and flexible design standards. Incorporates electric motor bicycles into definition of bicycle in section 249-1 and 291C-1, HRS. Prohibits transport of certain bicycles on public buses. Prohibits use of mopeds on bikeways, bicycle lanes, and paths. Effective 07/01/2050. (SD2)
Package: None
Current Referral: TRN, JUD, FIN

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1/25/2012HIntroduced and passed first reading
1/27/2012HReferred to TRN, JUD, referral sheet 9
1/27/2012HBill scheduled to be heard by TRN on Wednesday, 02-01-12 9:00AM in House conference room 309.
2/1/2012HThe committees on TRN recommend that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. The votes were as follows: 11 Ayes: Representative(s) Souki, Ichiyama, Aquino, Cullen, M. Lee, Luke, Saiki, Takumi, Yamashita, Fontaine, Johanson; Ayes with reservations: none; Noes: none; and 1 Excused: Representative(s) Okamura.
2/6/2012HReported from TRN (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 117-12) as amended in HD 1, recommending passage on Second Reading and referral to JUD.
2/6/2012HPassed Second Reading as amended in HD 1 and referred to the committee(s) on JUD with none voting aye with reservations; none voting no (0) and McKelvey, Takai excused (2).
2/21/2012HBill scheduled to be heard by JUD on Thursday, 02-23-12 2:00PM in House conference room 325.
2/23/2012HThe committees on JUD recommend that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. The votes were as follows: 10 Ayes: Keith-Agaran, Rhoads, Cabanilla, Carroll, Ito, McKelvey, Souki, Tsuji, Fontaine, Thielen; Ayes with reservations: none; 0 Noes: none; and 5 Excused: Brower, Coffman, Herkes, Luke, Marumoto.
3/2/2012HReported from JUD (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 918-12) as amended in HD 2, recommending passage on Third Reading.
3/2/2012HForty-eight (48) hours notice Tuesday, 03-06-12.
3/6/2012HPassed Third Reading as amended in HD 2 with none voting aye with reservations; none voting no (0) and none excused (0). Transmitted to Senate.
3/8/2012SReceived from House (Hse. Com. No. 295).
3/8/2012SPassed First Reading.
3/8/2012SReferred to TIA, WAM.
3/15/2012SThe committee(s) on TIA has scheduled a public hearing on 03-19-12 1:23PM in conference room 224.
3/19/2012SThe committee(s) on TIA recommend(s) that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. The votes in TIA were as follows: 6 Aye(s): Senator(s) English, Espero, Dela Cruz, Gabbard, Kahele, Kouchi; Aye(s) with reservations: none ; 0 No(es): none; and 1 Excused: Senator(s) Slom.
3/22/2012SReported from TIA (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 2917) with recommendation of passage on Second Reading, as amended (SD 1) and referral to WAM.
3/22/2012SReport adopted; Passed Second Reading, as amended (SD 1) and referred to WAM.
3/27/2012SThe committee(s) on WAM will hold a public decision making on 03-29-12 9:00AM in conference room 211.
3/29/2012SThe committee(s) on WAM recommend(s) that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. The votes in WAM were as follows: 11 Aye(s): Senator(s) Ige, Kidani, Chun Oakland, Dela Cruz, English, Espero, Fukunaga, Kahele, Ryan, Tokuda, Wakai; Aye(s) with reservations: none ; 1 No(es): Senator(s) Slom; and 2 Excused: Senator(s) Kim, Kouchi.
4/5/2012SReported from WAM (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 3295) with recommendation of passage on Third Reading, as amended (SD 2).
4/5/2012S48 Hrs. Notice 04-10-12.
4/10/2012SReport adopted; Passed Third Reading, as amended (SD 2). Ayes, 24; Aye(s) with reservations: none . Noes, 1 (Senator(s) Slom). Excused, 0 (none). Transmitted to House.
4/10/2012HReturned from Senate (Sen. Com. No. 661) in amended form (SD 2).
4/12/2012HHouse disagrees with Senate amendment (s).
4/13/2012SReceived notice of disagreement (Hse. Com. No. 547).
4/16/2012HRe-referred to TRN, JUD, FIN, referral sheet 65
4/16/2012HHouse conferees appointed: Souki, Keith-Agaran, Ichiyama Co-Chairs; Fontaine.
4/16/2012SSenate Conferees appointed: English, Chair; Espero, Co-Chair(s); Kahele, Kouchi.
4/16/2012HReceived notice of Senate conferees (Sen. Com. No. 754).
4/17/2012SReceived notice of appointment of House conferees (Hse. Com. No. 612).
4/18/2012HBill scheduled for Conference Committee Meeting on Thursday, 04-19-12 1:31PM in conference room 225.
4/20/2012HConference Committee Meeting will reconvene on Wednesday 04-25-12 1:31PM in conference room 225.

S = Senate | H = House | D = Data Systems | $ = Appropriation measure | ConAm = Constitutional Amendment

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HB2760 HD2 SD2

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