[6E-46] Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. (a) The official designation of the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame, a duly registered nonprofit corporation, shall be the State of Hawaii museum of sports history in the islands. The qualifying standards and conditions related to the receipt of funds contained in chapter 42F shall not apply to the funds received by the State of Hawaii museum of sports history in the islands; provided that if the museum in turn contracts with a recipient or provider, then the qualifying standards, conditions, and other provisions of chapter 42F shall apply to the recipient or provider and the contract; and provided further that a donation of money, services, goods, or food to the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame shall not be construed to be prohibited or restricted under this section.

(b) The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame shall serve as a repository of sport memorabilia of notable Hawaii athletes, provided by or acquired from any source.

(c) The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame may select one or more sites for a museum, with preference given to a recreational facility having convenient access to tourists.

(d) Ownership to a piece of memorabilia displayed in the museum shall remain with the athlete, the athlete's devise or estate, or the donor; provided that the State shall not be liable for damage or theft of the memorabilia; provided further that the museum shall take appropriate measures to preserve and maintain the memorabilia. [L 2003, c 102, 2]


Revision Note


Section was enacted as an addition to chapter 109 but is renumbered to this chapter pursuant to 23G-15.



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