[6E-51] Department of land and natural resources; powers. The department may create and maintain a living war memorial commemorating the sacrifices of Hawaii's heroic dead of World War II; accept land or other property or assets transferred to it by the State or any county for the accomplishment of its objectives; adopt a seal; and adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 for the purposes of this part.

The department may also promote and secure the cooperation of national agencies, such as the American Battle Monuments Commission, and other organizations, public or private, seeking to accomplish similar objectives.

In addition, the department may:

(1) Solicit gifts and contributions and publicize the purposes for which such gifts and contributions are being solicited;

(2) Advise federal and state agencies of the department's purposes and objectives, as well as private individuals and corporations in Hawaii and other states;

(3) Accept all gifts and contributions from governmental agencies and private persons, except such gifts as may be conditioned upon some restriction of its authority or the purposes for which it is created;

(4) Grant to the American Battle Monuments Commission all rights necessary, and not in conflict with this part, for the erection and maintenance of battle monuments;

(5) Prepare plans and develop all lands which may be placed under its jurisdiction for war memorial purposes and in that connection cooperate with the director of transportation and such other government and private organizations as may be interested in or affected by the projects;

(6) Enter into contracts and agreements with the government or private agencies for the attainment of its authorized purposes; and

(7) Utilize such contributions of labor, materials, and property, including money, as may be allocated or otherwise made available to it by any person or instrumentality whatsoever, if in the judgment of the department the acceptance thereof will not limit the scope of the purposes of this part. [L 1981, c 135, pt of 3]



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