[6E-81] South Kona wilderness area; establishment. There is established the south Kona wilderness area on the island of Hawaii in the area described in section 6E-82 to be administered by the department of land and natural resources for the preservation of the visual, cultural, biological, and historical aspects of the lands covered in this part and to:

(1) Preserve the extensive archaeological sites in the area, including ancient homesites, a holua slide, a heiau, and burial caves;

(2) Preserve and protect native Hawaiian plants and animals currently in the area;

(3) Provide for a wilderness area with minimal manmade structures;

(4) Permit limited non-vehicular access for recreational purposes, such as fishing, swimming, and exploration; and

(5) Prevent additional development in the area. [L 2011, c 178, pt of 2]



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