§9-13  Required review of requests for foundation grants.  (a)  Every request for a foundation grant shall be reviewed in accordance with this section.

     (b)  Every request for a foundation grant shall be submitted to the foundation on an application form provided by the foundation.  Each application shall contain:

     (1)  A statement of the purpose of the activity or program to be funded by the grant;

     (2)  A written description of the activity or program;

     (3)  Financial information regarding the activity or program;

     (4)  If the applicant is an organization, personnel position salaries; and

     (5)  Any other information the foundation requires.

     (c)  The foundation shall review each request to determine the efficiency and the effectiveness of the proposed activity or program in achieving the objectives of the foundation and its legislative mandate.  The review shall be based upon an analysis of the request in terms of the objectives to be achieved, the need in the community for the particular activity or program, the quality of the proposed program or activity, the ability of the applicant to carry out the proposed program or activity, the benefits to be provided by the request in comparison to the estimated costs, and the extent to which the proposed program and activity meet the priorities established by the foundation.

     (d)  The foundation shall make a final decision on each request.

     (e)  The foundation shall inform each foundation grant applicant of the disposition of the application's request.

     (f)  The appeal process in the foundation's rules adopted pursuant to section 9-5 shall be available for any applicant. [L 1992, c 181, pt of §1; am L 1993, c 6, §1]



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