[9-23] Friends of the Hawaii state art museum; establishment. (a) There shall be established a nonprofit group, the friends of the Hawaii state art museum, to work effectively with the foundation and its professional staff to enhance and support the work of the museum, its ancillary programs, and amenities, pursuant to this part.

(b) The friends of the Hawaii state art museum shall operate concessions or other for-profit business enterprises within or on the grounds of the state art museum as directed by the foundation, and may enter into contracts as approved by and with the foundation, and with any association, individuals, or corporations to further the purposes of this part.

(c) Funds generated by the friends of the Hawaii state art museum shall be used as supplemental funds that may be expended for the following purposes:

(1) Employing personnel as required to operate and maintain the museum and ancillary programs for educational, cultural, and promotional purposes;

(2) Planning and development of state art museum programs;

(3) Construction, repairs, replacement, additions, and extensions of state art museum facilities;

(4) Operational and maintenance costs of state art museum and ancillary programs and amenities;

(5) Administrative costs of the state art museum; and

(6) Doing other things necessary to accomplish the purpose of this chapter, including the adoption, amending, or repeal of rules pursuant to chapter 91. [L 2004, c 125, pt of 2]


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