§11-314  Duties of the commission.  The duties of the commission under this part are to:

     (1)  Develop and adopt forms required by this part;

     (2)  Adopt and publish a manual for all candidates, candidate committees, and noncandidate committees, describing the requirements of this part, including uniform and simple methods of recordkeeping;

     (3)  Preserve all reports required by this part for at least ten years from the date of receipt by the commission;

     (4)  Permit the inspection, copying, or duplication of any report required by this part pursuant to rules adopted by the commission under chapter 91; provided that this paragraph shall not apply to the sale or use of information under section 11-344;

     (5)  Ascertain whether any person has failed to file a report required by this part or has filed a substantially defective or deficient report.  The commission shall notify the person by first class mail that a fine may be assessed for the failure to file or the filing of a substantially defective or deficient report, and the defective or deficient report shall be corrected and explained.  All fines collected under this section as authorized by sections 11-340 and 11-410 shall be deposited in the general fund of the State;

     (6)  Hold public hearings;

     (7)  Investigate and hold hearings for receiving evidence of any violations pursuant to subpart I of this part;

     (8)  Adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91;

     (9)  Request the initiation of prosecution for the violation of this part pursuant to section 11-411;

    (10)  Administer and monitor the distribution of public funds under this part;

    (11)  Suggest accounting methods for candidates, candidate committees, or noncandidate committees in connection with reports and records required by this part;

    (12)  Employ or contract with, without regard to chapters 76, 78, and 89, persons it finds necessary for the performance of its functions, including a full-time executive director, and to fix their compensation; provided that the commission shall have the authority, at its discretion, to dismiss persons employed by or contracted with the commission;

    (13)  Conduct random audits and field investigations, as necessary; and

    (14)  File for injunctive relief when indicated. [L 2010, c 211, pt of §2; am L 2013, c 112, §3]