12-21 Official party ballots. The primary or special primary ballot shall be clearly designated as such. The names of the candidates of each party qualifying under section 11-61 or 11-62 and of nonpartisan candidates may be printed on separate ballots, or on a single ballot. The name of each party and the nonpartisan designation shall be distinctly printed and sufficiently separate from each other. The names of all candidates shall be printed on the ballot as provided in section 11-115. When the names of all candidates of the same party for the same office exceed the maximum number of voting positions on a single side of a ballot card, the excess names may be arranged and listed on both sides of the ballot card and additional ballot cards if necessary. When separate ballots for each party are not used, the order in which parties appear on the ballot, including nonpartisan, shall be determined by lot.

The chief election officer or the county clerk, in the case of county elections, shall approve printed samples or proofs of the respective party ballots as to uniformity of size, weight, shape, and thickness prior to final printing of the official ballots. [L 1970, c 26, pt of 2; am L 1973, c 217, 2(f); am L 1979, c 139, 7; am L 1981, c 214, 1; am L 1987, c 232, 2]


Attorney General Opinions


Each party's ballot should be separate and severable from the other parties' ballot, and it is impermissible to place candidates of two minor parties on opposite faces of a ballot card. Att. Gen. Op. 80-7.



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