16-12 Voting machines; requirements. No voting machine shall be installed for use in any election in the State unless it shall satisfy the following requirements:

(1) It shall permit the voter to vote for as many persons for an office as the voter is lawfully entitled to vote for, but no more;

(2) It shall prevent the voter from voting for the same persons more than once for the same office;

(3) It shall permit the voter to vote for or against any question the voter may have the right to vote on, but no other;

(4) In special primary and primary elections it shall be so equipped that it will lock out all rows except those of the party or nonpartisan candidates selected by the voter;

(5) It shall be provided with a protective counter or protective device whereby any operation of the machine before or after the election will be detected;

(6) It shall be provided with a counter which shall show at all times during an election how many persons have voted;

(7) It shall be provided with a mechanical model, illustrating the manner of voting on the machine, suitable for the instruction of voters. [L 1970, c 26, pt of 2; am L 1973, c 217, 6(a); am L 1980, c 264, 5(a); gen ch 1985]



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