16-26 Questionable ballots. A ballot shall be questionable if:

(1) A ballot contains any mark or symbol whereby it can be identified, or any mark or symbol contrary to the provisions of law; or

(2) Two or more ballots are found in the ballot box so folded together as to make it clearly evident that more than one ballot was put in by one person, the ballots shall be set aside as provided below.

Each ballot which is held to be questionable shall be endorsed on the back by the chairperson of precinct officials with the chairperson's name or initials, and the word "questionable". All questionable ballots shall be set aside uncounted and disposed of as provided for ballots in section 11-154. [L 1970, c 26, pt of 2; am L 1973, c 217, 6(d); gen ch 1985, 1993]



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