Part heading amended by L 1975, c 36, 5(5).


16-41 Definitions. "Counting center" means the computer facilities and surrounding premises designated by the chief election officer or the clerk in county elections where electronic voting system ballots are counted.

"Defective ballot" means any ballot delivered to the counting center in accordance with section 11-152 that cannot be read by the ballot reading device.

"Electronic voting system" means the method of recording votes which are counted by automatic tabulating equipment.

"Voter verifiable paper audit trail" means the paper record that constitutes a complete record of ballot selections that is verified by the voter. The record may also be used to assess the accuracy of the voting machine's electronic record and to verify the election results. [L 1970, c 26, pt of 2; am L 1975, c 36, 5(6); am L 2006, c 5, 1]



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