[30-4] Duties of outgoing governor. It shall be incumbent upon the outgoing governor to:

(1) Provide channels enabling the governor-elect to:

(A) Inform career civil servants of governor-elect's program goals and new policies;

(B) Effect communication channels with the administration of the governor. The governor-elect may obtain information from the governor's administration by circulating questionnaires or by other means. Information sought may include any questions which will effect the intent of the legislature in enacting this legislation, as expressed in section 30-1. Such contacts may also include inquiries designed to elicit descriptions of programs, recommendations, and justifications for elimination, curtailment, or expansion of services, projections of future developments or needs within program areas, recommendations for administrative changes, comments upon anticipated federal developments which might have program or budgetary implications for state programs, and elaboration of procedural details.

(2) Direct that official documents, vital information, and procedural manuals be given to the governor-elect upon the governor-elect's request. [L 1972, c 126, pt of 1; gen ch 1985]



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