350-1 Definitions

350-1.1 Reports

350-1.15 Orientation and training

350-1.2 Nonreporting; penalty

350-1.3 Any person may report

350-1.4 Confidentiality

350-1.5 Authorization for color photographs, x-rays, and

radiological or other diagnostic examination

350-1.6 Disclosure of records

350-2 Action on reporting

350-3 Immunity from liability

350-4 Repealed

350-5 Admissibility of evidence

350-6, 7 Repealed




Working group to improve child care safety in child care settings; reports to 2019 and 2020 legislature (ceases to exist on January 30, 2020). L 2018, c 176, 2.


Cross References


Hawaii children's trust fund, see chapter 350B.


Case Notes


Hawaii legislature did not intend to create a duty that would subject a private party (and analogously the government) to tort liability based upon a failure to report in violation of this chapter. 711 F. Supp. 2d 1195 (2010).

Nothing in this chapter prevents the issuance of a search warrant based on information obtained by the department or the police while investigating an abuse case. 70 H. 627, 780 P.2d 1103 (1989).


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