[350-1.5] Authorization for color photographs, x-rays, and radiological or other diagnostic examination. (a) Any health professional or paraprofessional, physician licensed or authorized to practice medicine in this State, registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, hospital or similar institution's personnel engaged in the admission, examination, care, or treatment of patients, and any medical examiner, coroner, social worker, or police officer, who has before the person a child the person reasonably believes has been harmed, shall make every good faith effort to take or cause to be taken color photographs of the areas of trauma visible on the child. If medically indicated, such person may take or cause to be taken x-rays of the child or cause a radiological or other diagnostic examination to be performed on the child.

(b) Color photographs, x-rays, radiological, or other diagnostic examination reports that show evidence of imminent harm, harm, or threatened harm to a child shall immediately be forwarded to the department. [L 2010, c 135, pt of 3]



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