Special License Plates

DESCRIPTION:  Permits any vehicle owner to apply for an
organization's special number plate and expands the maximum width
of a decal from two and one-half to three inches. (HB2761 HD1)

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                H.B. NO.           H.D. 1        
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 2000                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                   A  BILL  FOR  AN  ACT



 1      SECTION 1.  Section 249-9.3, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is
 2 amended as follows:
 3      1.  By amending subsection (a) to read:
 4      "(a)  In lieu of the number plates contracted on behalf of
 5 the counties by the director of finance of the city and county of
 6 Honolulu, the county directors of finance shall issue special
 7 number plates to any organization in the State that meets the
 8 minimum standards and qualifications established under this
 9 section.  Organizations are authorized to retain the fees
10 collected, less expenses, for the special number plates.
11      The director of finance of the city and county of Honolulu,
12 in consultation with the directors of finance of the counties of
13 Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii, shall establish special design
14 parameters and restrictions on decals or graphic representations
15 affixable to special number plates; provided that the decal shall
16 not be larger than [two and one-half] three inches wide by three
17 inches high."
18      2. By amending subsection (b) to read:

Page 2                                                     2761
                                     H.B. NO.           H.D. 1

 1      "(b)  For the purposes of this section, the following terms
 2 shall have the following meanings:
 3      "Director" unless indicated otherwise by its context, means
 4 the county directors of finance.
 5      "Organization" means [an organization of at least one
 6 hundred members in good standing that is]:
 7      (1)  A not-for-profit organization recognized as such by the
 8           Internal Revenue Service and whose primary purpose is
 9           to provide the community with specific programs to
10           improve the public's health, education, or general
11           welfare;
12      (2)  A military service veterans group; or
13      (3)  A state or county agency approved by the director[.
14      Any organization includes any]; or
15      (4)  Any school or accredited institution of higher learning
16           or a college or recognized program thereof.
17      "Special number plate" means a license plate with a decal on
18 its face that represents an organization as defined in this
19 section."
20      3.  By amending subsection (d) to read:
21      "(d)  An organization shall apply for a special number plate
22 with the director on an application form prescribed by the
23 director.  The application shall include:

Page 3                                                     2761
                                     H.B. NO.           H.D. 1

 1      (1)  A design of the organization's decal;
 2      (2)  A signed notarized statement by an officer or director
 3           of the organization that the organization will acquire
 4           at least one hundred fifty special number plates; and
 5      (3)  The dollar amount the organization plans to raise from
 6           each special number plate.
 7      The director shall determine, based on criteria in this
 8 section, and the director's discretion, whether an organization's
 9 application has been accepted or rejected.  The director shall
10 also seek the approval of an organization's decal design from the
11 county chief of police where the application is made.
12      If the director rejects an application, the director shall
13 state the reasons for the rejection in writing and shall allow
14 the applicant to reapply within a reasonable period after the
15 rejection.
16      After an organization's application has been approved,
17 [members of the organization] a motor vehicle owner may apply for
18 the organization's special number plate.  The director may
19 require [proof of membership of an organization's members in
20 addition to] the completion of a form as prescribed by the
21 director.  Special number plates shall be issued only to the
22 registered owner of an applicant motor vehicle."                 

Page 4                                                     2761
                                     H.B. NO.           H.D. 1

 1      SECTION 2.  Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed.
 2 New statutory material is underscored.
 3      SECTION 3.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval.