Requires the customer's alternative identification card number
whose information is recorded by pawnbrokers and secondhand
dealers to be government issued.

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                H.B. NO.           
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 2000                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                   A  BILL  FOR  AN  ACT



 1      SECTION 1.  Section 486M-1, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is
 2 amended by adding a new definition to be appropriately inserted
 3 and to read as follows:
 4      ""Government issued identification" means a passport issued
 5 by the United States, a driver's license issued by any state, an
 6 identification card issued by any state, or an identification
 7 card issued by any branch of the armed forces of the United
 8 States."
 9      SECTION 2.  Section 486M-2, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is
10 amended to read as follows:
11      "486M-2 Record of transactions.  Every dealer, or the
12 agent, employee, or representative of the dealer shall,
13 immediately upon receipt of any article, legibly record the
14 following information, on a form authorized by the chief of
15 police in each county:
16      (1)  The name and address of the dealer;
17      (2)  The name, residence address, date of birth, and the age
18           of the person from whom the article was received;
19      (3)  The date and time the article was received by the

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                                     H.B. NO.           

 1           dealer;
 2      (4)  The signature of the person from whom the article was
 3           received;
 4      (5)  The Hawaii driver's license number, or if the person
 5           does not possess a Hawaii driver's license, the number
 6           of and description of any government issued
 7           identification which bears a photograph of the person
 8           from whom the article was received;
 9      (6)  A complete and accurate description of the article
10           received, including all markings, names, initials, and
11           inscriptions;
12      (7)  A reasonable estimate of the fineness and weights of
13           the precious and semiprecious metals and precious and
14           semiprecious gems received; and
15      (8)  The price paid by the dealer for each article.
16      Upon request and at the discretion of the chief of police of
17 each county, copies of all completed forms required by this
18 section shall be surrendered, mailed, or electronically inputted
19 and transmitted via modem or by facsimile transmittal to the
20 chief of police or to the chief of police's authorized
21 representative.  The method of submittal to the chief of police
22 shall be at the option of the dealer."
23      SECTION 3.  This Act does not affect rights and duties that

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                                     H.B. NO.           

 1 matured, penalties that were incurred, and proceedings that were
 2 begun, before its effective date.
 3      SECTION 4.  New statutory material is underscored.
 4      SECTION 5.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval.
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