Energy Conservation

Broadens scope of energy task force to explore the most cost-
effective means for supporting increased energy efficiency and

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                H.B. NO.396        
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 1999                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                   A  BILL  FOR  AN  ACT



 1      SECTION 1.  The legislature finds that the environment in
 2 Hawaii is under increasing stress.  The use of fossil fuels and
 3 their transportation to and through Hawaii contributes to this
 4 stress to the environment.  Greater attention must be paid to the
 5 conservation and use of renewable sources of energy such as
 6 solar, wind, and biomass energy resources all of which would
 7 obviate the need for additional fossil based energy-generating
 8 capacity.
 9      The legislature also finds that Act 163, enacted by the
10 Legislature in 1998, established a task force within the
11 department of business, economic development, and tourism, to
12 explore the most cost effective means for supporting increased
13 energy efficiency and sustainability.  The task force was
14 directed, among other things, to examine alternatives to
15 encourage the efficient use of energy.
16      The purpose of this Act is to broaden the scope of the task
17 force established under Act 163, Session Laws of Hawaii 1998, to
18 include exploring the feasibility of energy portfolio standards
19 for Hawaii utilities, participating in utility green pricing

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                                     H.B. NO.396        

 1 programs, developing energy efficient modes of transportation,
 2 and creating recycle and reuse parks.
 3      SECTION 2.  Act 163, Session Laws of Hawaii 1998, is amended
 4 by amending subsection (a) of section 3 to read as follows:
 5      "(a)  There is created a task force, within the department
 6 of business, economic development, and tourism, to explore the
 7 most cost-effective means for supporting increased energy
 8 efficiency and sustainability by:
 9      (1)  Examining alternatives to encourage the efficient use
10           of energy, including but not limited to renewable
11           energy portfolio standards for Hawaii utilities,
12           utility green pricing programs, energy efficient modes
13           of public transportation, and recycle and reuse parks;
14      (2)  Considering the merits of active participation in the
15           federal Million Solar Roofs Program, a partnership with
16           businesses, communities, federal, state, and local
17           governments, and utilities to install solar energy
18           systems on one million roofs across the United States
19           by the year 2010; and
20      (3)  Making recommendations on the most cost-effective means
21           for increased energy efficiency."
22      SECTION 3.  Statutory material to be repealed is bracketed.
23 New statutory material is underscored.

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                                     H.B. NO.396        

 1      SECTION 4.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval.
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