HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES             H.R. NO.              
TWENTIETH LEGISLATURE, 2000                                
STATE OF HAWAII                                            

                     HOUSE  RESOLUTION


 1       WHEREAS, DANIEL B.T. LAU, "Hawaii's 1999 Model Chinese
 2   Father of the Year," is carrying on a family tradition
 3   established by his father, Daniel Cheong Lau, who had been
 4   honored by the United Chinese Society as "Hawaii's 1970 Model
 5   Chinese Father of the Year"; and
 7       WHEREAS, DANIEL B.T. LAU demonstrated his talents as a
 8   scholar athlete throughout his academic career while at
 9   Ma`ema`e Elementary, Central Intermediate, McKinley High School
10   and the University of Hawai`i, where he starred in track and
11   baseball while earning a degree in Business and Economics; and
13       WHEREAS, DANIEL B.T. LAU, upon graduation from college in
14   1941, entered the U.S. Army and served in the Battle of the
15   Bulge, earning for himself the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the
16   Bronze Star, a Purple Heart with Oak Leaf CLuster and other
17   decorations; and
19       WHEREAS, DANIEL B.T. LAU, with his wife, Evelyn Yee Quil,
20   successfully raised four children: Jeffrey, a Vietnam veteran
21   and attorney; Vicki, a State Department of Labor supervisor;
22   Russell, the President of Finance Enterprises; and Girard, a
23   Deputy State Attorney General; and
25       WHEREAS, DANIEL B.T. LAU is presently the Chairman and CEO
26   of Grand Pacific Life Insurance, Ltd., and served as Chairman,
27   Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Director for over
28   thirty additional companies; and
30       WHEREAS, DANIEL B.T. LAU still found time to serve his
31   community as President/Director of the Hawaii Humane Society;
32   Chairman of the United Church of Christ; State Vice President
33   of the American Council of Life Insurance; Trustee fo the
34   University of Hawaii Foundation; participant in various
35   veterans organizations; and member of the 1995 World Champion
36   Hawaii Seniors Softball team; and

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                                  H.R. NO.              

 2       WHEREAS, BERTHA F.K. LEONG is the seventh child in a family
 3   of eight children, a wife and mother of five and a grandmother
 4   of nine; and
 6       WHEREAS, BERTHA F.K. LEONG, the third-generation daughter
 7   of Chinatown merchant Lau Ah Chew, was a public school teacher
 8   for many years, educating hundreds of public school children;
 9   and
11       WHEREAS, BERTHA F.K. LEONG, with her husband, retired
12   dentist Wilfred M.C. Leong, successfully raised five children:
13   Patricia, a peridontist; Jonathan, an orthopedic surgeon;
14   Cynthia, a dentist; Caroline, a businesswoman; and Thomas, an
15   orthopedic surgeon; and
17       WHEREAS, BERTHA F.K. LEONG served her community as a
18   mediator for the Neighborhood Justice Center, chairman of her
19   Neighborhood Board, and most recently brought her public
20   service career to a new level with her election as the State
21   Representative for the 16th House District, which stretches
22   from Aina Haina to Hawaii Kai; and
24       WHEREAS, REPRESENTATIVE BERTHA F.K. LEONG has been selected
25   as the 1999 Model Chinese Mother of the Year by the United
26   Chinese Society, which cited her "character and evidence of her
27   devotion and encouragement of her children to succeed, her
28   children's careers, and accomplishments in their professions";
29   now, therefore,
31       BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the
32   Twentieth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session
33   of 2000, that this body congratulates DANIEL B.T. LAU on the
34   occasion of his selection as 1999 Model Chinese Father of the
35   year; for a lifetime of achievement in parenthood, and for
36   service to his profession, community, and nation, and extends
37   to him and his beloved wife, Evelyn Yee Quil, and their four
38   children, best wishes for continued happiness and success in
39   all future endeavors; and

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                                  H.R. NO.              

 2       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this body congratulates
 3   REPRESENTATIVE BERTHA F.K. LEONG on the occasion of her
 4   selection as 1999 Model Chinese Mother of the Year; for a
 5   lifetime of achievement in parenthood, public education, and
 6   public service, and extends to her and her beloved husband,
 7   Wilfred, and their five children, best wishes for continued
 8   happiness and success in all future endeavors.
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