2001 Senate Measures with House Drafts
as of April 5, 2001
PFR = Passed Final Reading D/A = Disagreed to House # = Reconsideration S = Senate Action
FA = Final Adoption D = Deferred to (date) $ = Awaiting passage of the Budget H = House Action
A = Agreed to House Amendments R = Recommitted * = Current Update  

0097, HD1 RELATING TO TELEMARKETING FRAUD. (Creation of criminal offense for telemarketing fraud) (EDT, CPH/JDC) D/A    
0171, SD2, HD1 RELATING TO HEALTH INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT. (Clarification of health insurance reimbursement "Clean Claim Act" provisions) (HHS, CPH/JDC) D/A    
0841, HD1 RELATING TO CHECK CASHING. (Repeal of sunset date for regulation of check cashing enterprises) (CPH, JDC) D/A    
0986, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO AQUACULTURE. (Definition of "aquaculture") (AGT) D/A    
1061, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO REAL ESTATE BROKERS. (Experience prerequisite for broker candidates; registration requirement for condo hotel operators; fidelity bond requirement for condo managing agents) (CPH) D/A    
1065, HD1 RELATING TO ARCHITECTS. (Clarification of testing and licensure requirements) (CPH) D/A    
1066, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO INSURANCE. (Net worth requirements of HMOs and mutual benefit societies) (CPH) D/A    
1067, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO LIMITING HURRICANE PROPERTY INSURANCE RISK. (Residential hurricane insurer risk assessment) (CPH) D/A    
1069, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO INSURANCE. (Correction of erroneous statutory cross references and dates in insurance code) (CPH) D/A    
1079, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIPS. (Correction of errors and ambiguities in the limited liability partnership law) (CPH) D/A    
1104, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO AUTHORITY OF FOSTER PARENTS TO PROVIDE CONSENTS FOR THE FOSTER CHILD'S EDUCATIONAL AND RECREATIONAL NEEDS. (Foster parent consent for educational and recreational needs and activities of foster children) (HHS/EDU, JDC) D/A    
1276, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO CYBERSQUATTING. (Penalties for bad faith registration of domain names on the Internet) (EDT/CPH, JDC) D/A    
1390, SD1, HD1 RELATING TO TRADITIONAL HAWAIIAN HEALING PRACTICES. (Permanent medical license exemption for Hawaiian healers) (HAW/HHS) D/A