Hawaii State Legislature
2002 Legislative Session


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Report Title: Commercial Driver's Licensing
Description: Waives knowledge and skill tests for persons with valid commercial driver's licenses issued by another state or a Canadian province.
Package: Governor's Package
Introducer(s): SAY (BR)
Current Referral:TMG, JDC

Date Status Text
1/25/2002HPass First Reading
1/30/2002HReferred to TRN, JHA, referral sheet 5
1/31/2002HBill scheduled to be heard by TRN on Monday, 02-04-02 at 9:15 am in House conference room 309.
2/4/2002HThe committees on TRN recommend that the measure be PASSED, UNAMENDED. The votes were as follows: 7 Ayes: Souki, Espero, Garcia, Nakasone, Yoshinaga, Moses, Rath; Ayes with reservations: none; 0 Noes: none; and 1 Excused: Pendleton.
2/7/2002HReported from the committee on TRN (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 21-02), recommending passage on Second Reading and referral to the committee on JHA.
2/7/2002HPassed Second Reading and referred to the committee(s) on JHA with none voting no and Auwae, Bukoski, Case, Davis, Djou, Fox, Gomes, Halford, Jaffe, Kahikina, Marumoto, Meyer, Moses, Ontai, Pendleton, Rath, Schatz, Stonebraker, Takai, Takumi, Thielen, Whalen, Yoshinaga excused.
2/16/2002HBill scheduled to be heard by JHA on Tuesday, 02-19-02 at 2:00 pm in House conference room 325.
2/19/2002HThe committees on JHA recommend that the measure be PASSED, UNAMENDED. The votes were as follows: 10 Ayes: Representative(s) Hamakawa, B. Oshiro, Ahu Isa, Chang, Kanoho, Morita, Souki, Yoshinaga, Auwae, Gomes; Ayes with reservations: none; 0 Noes: none; and 4 Excused: Representative(s) Case, Marumoto, Thielen, Whalen.
2/20/2002HReported from the committee on JHA (Stand. Com. Rep. No. 451-02), recommending passage on Third Reading.
2/28/2002HPassed Third Reading with Representative(s) Bukoski voting no and Representative(s) Ahu Isa, Arakaki, Davis, Kanoho, McDermott, Rath, Yonamine excused.
2/28/2002HTransmitted to Senate.
3/1/2002SReceived from House (Hse. Com. No. 54).
3/1/2002SPassed First Reading.
3/1/2002SDeferred until 03-05-02.
3/5/2002SDeferred until 03-07-02.
3/7/2002SReferred to TMG, JDC.

$ = Appropriation measure
ConAm = Constitutional Amendment