Hawaii State Legislature
2002 Legislative Session


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Report Title: Education; Excellence Incentives
Description: Implements an incentive system to provide awards for schools that demonstrate growth as well as interventions and sanctions for underperforming schools.
Package: Governor's Package
Introducer(s): BUNDA (BR)
Current Referral:EDU, WAM

Date Status Text
1/23/2001SIntroduced and passed First Reading.
1/26/2001SReferred to EDU.
1/31/2001SRe-Referred to EDU, WAM.
2/1/2001SBill scheduled to be heard by EDU on 02-05-01 at 1:00 p.m. in conference room 212.
2/5/2001SThe measure is deferred until 02-12-01 at 1:00 pm in conference room 212.
2/8/2001SBill scheduled to be heard by EDU on 02-12-01 at 1:00 in conference room 212.
2/8/2001SThis measure has been deleted from the hearing scheduled on 02-12-01 for the committee on EDU. It is already scheduled for decision making on the same day.
2/14/2001SThe measure is deferred until 02-16-01 at 1:00 pm in conference room 212.
7/23/2001DCarried over to 2002 Regular Session.

$ = Appropriation measure
ConAm = Constitutional Amendment