Hawaii State Legislature
2003 Legislative Session


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Report Title: Controlled substances
Description: Defines the terms "controlled substance analog" to control the use of chemically altered substances that are illegal or which have a stimulant, depressant or hallucinogenic effect. Addresses the problem of the sale of appropriate glassware used to manufacture illegal controlled substances. Regulates the sale of specific chemicals used to manufacture illegal substances. Authorizes the destruction of hazardous chemicals believed to be used in the manufacture of illegal substances.
Package: Governor's Package
Introducer(s): SAY (BR)
Current Referral:JUD

Date Status Text
1/24/2003HPass First Reading
1/27/2003HReferred to JUD, referral sheet 4.
2/21/2003HBill scheduled to be heard by JUD on Tuesday, 02-25-03 at 1:30 pm in House conference room 325.
2/25/2003HThe committees on JUD recommend that the measure be HELD. The votes were as follows: 13 Ayes: Representative(s) Hamakawa, B. Oshiro, Caldwell, Herkes, Ito, Kanoho, Lee, M. Oshiro, Sonson, Marumoto, Pendleton, Thielen; Ayes with reservations: Representative(s) Finnegan; 0 Noes: none; and 2 Excused: Representative(s) Chang, Souki.
8/21/2003DCarried over to 2004 Regular Session

$ = Appropriation measure
ConAm = Constitutional Amendment