H.B. NO.














relating to capital improvement projects for the benefit of THE ninth REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT.





     SECTION 1.  The director of finance is authorized to issue general obligation bonds in the sum of $127,890,000 or so much thereof as may be necessary, and the same sum or so much thereof as may be necessary is appropriated for fiscal year 2013-2014 for the purpose of financing capital improvement projects for the ninth representative district, as follows:

1.   To be expended by the department of transportation:

     A.   Kahului harbor improvements

     Plans, design, and construction that will provide for operational areas.

                    Total funding                     $6,000,000

     B.   Kahului airport

     Land acquisition of parcels near the airport. 

                    Total funding                     $50,000,000

     C.   Kahului harbor

Land acquisition and improvements.

               Land                   $15,000,000

               Design                  $2,000,000

                    Total funding                     $17,000,000

     D.   Kahului harbor

     Design for new west harbor barge-ferry slip and site work improvements.

                   Total funding                     $8,000,000

     E.   Kahului harbor

     Design for new west harbor breakwater, dredging, and improvements.

                   Total funding                     $3,000,000

     F.   Kahului harbor

     Design of a cruise terminal including paving, utilities, security, and improvements.

                   Total funding                     $3,000,000

     G.   Kahului harbor

     Design of east harbor breakwater and improvements.

                   Total funding                     $3,000,000

     H.   Kahului harbor

     Design of improvements to pier 2 including strengthening, bollard replacement, dredging, and environmental permitting.

                   Total funding                     $500,000

     I.   Harbors division

     Staff costs, wages, and fringe benefits for funded positions of the permanent harbor modernization project plan.

                   Total funding                     $1,735,000

2.   To be expended by the University of Hawaii:

     A.   University of Hawaii Maui college

     Hospitality academy and agricultural processing program.

                    Total funding                     $3,500,000

     B.   University of Hawaii Maui college

          Photovoltaic systems.

                    Total funding                     $4,000,000

3.   To be expended by Hawaii health systems corporation:

     A.   Maui memorial medical center

     Renovation and expansion of laboratory, oncology, pharmacy, and imaging.

                    Total funding                     $2,500,000

     B.   Maui memorial medical center

     Air conditioning upgrades.

                    Total funding                     $2,000,000

     C.   Maui memorial medical center

     Repairs to facilities, including support systems, roof, interior, and patient rooms.

                    Total funding                     $3,500,000

     D.   Maui memorial medical center

     Plumbing repairs and room renovations.

                    Total funding                     $3,000,000

     E.   Maui memorial medical center

     Replacement of beds.

                    Total funding                     $700,000

     F.   Maui memorial medical center

     Patient monitoring, security, and information technology infrastructure.

                    Total funding                     $2,000,000

     G.   Maui memorial medical center

     Exterior building repairs, renovations, hurricane windows, and window repairs.

                    Total funding                     $4,200,000

     H.   Maui memorial medical center

     Fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, building safety signage.

                    Total funding                     $1,680,000

     I.   Maui memorial medical center

     Repaving of sidewalks and campus-wide lighting facility improvements.

                    Total funding                     $2,500,000

     J.   Maui memorial medical center

     Boiler upgrade.

                    Total funding                     $480,000

     K.   Maui memorial medical center

     Backfill renovations.

                    Total funding                     $780,000

     L.   Maui memorial medical center

     Construction shop.

                    Total funding                     $2,000,000

     M.   Maui memorial medical center

     Facilities locks upgrade.

                   Total funding                     $660,000

     N.   Maui memorial medical center

     Auditorium repairs and renovations.

                   Total funding                     $1,980,000

     O.   Maui memorial medical center

     Molokini basement.

                   Total funding                     $175,000

     SECTION 2.  The appropriations made for the capital improvement projects authorized by this Act shall not lapse at the end of the fiscal year for which the appropriations are made; provided that all moneys from the appropriations that are unencumbered as of June 30, 2016, shall lapse as of that date.

     SECTION 3.  The sums appropriated for the respective capital improvement projects set forth in section 1 shall be expended by the designated expending agency for the purposes of this Act.

     SECTION 4.  This Act shall take effect on July 1, 2013.








Report Title:

CIP; 9th Representative District



Authorizes issuance of general obligation bonds and appropriates funds for capital improvement projects in the 9th representative district.




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