H.B. NO.














relating to capital improvement projects for the benefit of the twenty-first representative district.





     SECTION 1.  The director of finance is authorized to issue general obligation bonds in the sum of $4,715,00 and the same sum or so much there of is appropriated out of the general revenues of the State of Hawaii or so much thereof as may be necessary for fiscal year 2014-2015 for the purpose of improving school facilities in the twenty-first representative district, as follows.

     To be expended by the department of accounting and general services:

     A.   Ala Wai elementary school, Oahu

          Replacement classroom chairs and desks.

              Equipment               $ 150,000

                   Total funding                $ 150,000

     B.   Ala Wai elementary school, Oahu

Planning, design, and construction of a property line fence on the Diamond Head side of the campus to protect children from the open dog park.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $   1,000

              Construction            $  38,000

                   Total funding                $  40,000

     C.   Ala Wai elementary school, Oahu

Air conditioning in the classrooms of A, B, and C buildings.

              Equipment               $ 400,000

                   Total funding                $ 400,000

     D.   Lunalilo elementary school, Oahu

Replace classroom desks, chairs, and cubbies.

              Equipment               $  75,000

                   Total funding                $  75,000

     E.   Waikiki elementary school, Oahu

Planning, design, and construction for the expansion of the parking lot further towards Paki and Monsarrat avenues.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $   1,000

              Construction            $ 198,000

                   Total funding                $ 200,000

     F.   Kaimuki high school, Oahu

Planning, design, and construction to pave the gravel parking lot on the makai side of the gym, including the fire lane and fire access, all the way up to the fence.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $   1,000

              Construction            $ 248,000

                   Total funding                $ 250,000

     G.   Kaimuki high school, Oahu

Planning, design, and construction of a covered outdoor stage connected to the cafeteria and auditorium.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $   1,000

              Construction            $ 498,000

                   Total funding                $ 500,000

     H.   Washington middle school, Oahu

Renovation or retrofit of an existing classroom that is currently being used for work storage to create a STEM lab.  The STEM lab will include the appropriate work space or counter tops and cabinets for storage along with the requisite electrical and water supply.  Equipment will include computer hardware and software design programs as well as appropriate presentation equipment.  Projects will include but are not limited to aquaponics, renewable energy, and robotics.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $ 100,000

              Construction            $ 350,000

              Equipment               $  49,000

                   Total funding                $ 500,000

     I.   Washington middle school, Oahu

Feasibility study for an eight hundred-seat auditorium complex that will include two art studios to house art classes and a place where stage sets can be designed and constructed.

              Study                   $ 300,000

                   Total funding                $ 300,000

     J.   Washington middle school, Oahu

Planning and design for a performing arts complex, including: an art/band room, retrofitting the existing band room to a Hawaiian language and culture room, and retrofitting the orchestra/chorus room to construct a new dance studio.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $ 299,000

                   Total funding                $ 300,000

     K.   Kuhio elementary school, Oahu

Design and construction of a multipurpose classroom building that will include two open classroom areas without permanent partitions to allow flexible use and a group gathering/performance area.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $  99,000

              Construction            $1,000,000

                   Total funding                $1,100,000

     L.   Kaimuki middle school, Oahu

Planning and design for a five hundred-seat auditorium on campus.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $ 299,000

                   Total funding                $ 300,000

     M.   Kaimuki middle school, Oahu

Planning, design, and construction of a parking lot in the grass area in the Kilauea and 18th avenue corner, including a drainage system.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $  50,000

              Construction            $ 249,000

                   Total funding                $ 300,000

     N.   Liholiho elementary school, Oahu

Planning, design, and construction of a parking lot in the grass area in the Maunaloa and 9th avenue corner, with lighting.

              Plans                   $   1,000

              Design                  $  50,000

              Construction            $ 249,000

                   Total funding                $ 300,000

     SECTION 2.  The appropriations made for the capital improvement projects authorized by this Act shall not lapse at the end of the fiscal biennium for which the appropriations are made; provided that all moneys from the appropriations that remain unencumbered as of June 30, 2016, shall lapse as of that date.

     SECTION 3.  The sums appropriated for the respective capital projects set forth in section 1 shall be expended by the designated expending agency for the purposes of this Act.

     SECTION 4.  This Act shall take effect on July 1, 2014.








Report Title:

CIP; 21st Representative District



Appropriates funds for capital improvement projects in the 21st representative district.




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